VIVIC CORP. owns 40 years of business history, and its range of business stretches from manufacturing luxury yachts to the energy-saving technology of new energy resources.


Creation is infinite possibilities

Jiaxin Yacht Industry Investment (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. was established in Guangzhou in October 2016. The founding team is mainly from Taiwan Jiaxin Yachting. Guangzhou Haishang Shengshi Yachting Co., Ltd. was established in April 2018, which is mainly engaged in the development and operation of the yacht Internet platform "Xianglang". Listed on OTCQB in the United States in September 2019, the company name is VIVIC CORP., and the stock code is VIVC. In November 2019, VIVIC CORP. established a Taiwan branch, mainly engaged in the research and development of yachts. In September 2020, due to the needs of conducting business in Zhejiang, a holding subsidiary Zhejiang Jiaxu Yachting Co., Ltd. was established. In January 2021, it will take control of Shenzhen Ocean Blue Yacht Technology Co., Ltd., which is the owner and operator of "Ocean Blue" media and "Ocean Blue Yacht Mall".

VIVIC Hong Kong is a subsidiary of VIVIC CORP. It is planned to use the Hong Kong company as a middle-tier company between VIVIC CORP. and the domestic operating entity, Jiaxin Yacht Industry Investment (Guangdong) Co., Ltd., to prepare for the NASDAQ listing.


In response to the needs of the Chinese market, we independently design and develop catamaran sightseeing yachts and water houseboats to meet the popular consumption needs of Chinese yachts. Generous cabin space for Multi-person activities, comfortable viewing position in the bow space, transparent and unobstructed viewing effects, increase the experience and hydrophilicity of tourists. Can be equipped with toilet, kitchen, and refrigerator, Light meals are provided. An awning can be added. Aluminum alloy bottom shell and glass fiber composite deck are the best combinations of safety, energy-saving, and lightweight. Diesel can be used, The two propulsion methods of electric power greatly reduce the operating cost, which is very suitable for the needs of yacht operation, especially for the current booming yacht leasing market.
The company has its yacht brands VIVIC and NORSEMAN, which can design and produce fully customized composite yachts from 30 to 125 feet, sailing yachts, sightseeing multi-passenger yachts, pure electric/hybrid yachts and catamaran yachts, water houseboats, etc. Focus on the research and development of new energy and intelligent yacht products. At the same time, it is the agent and ordering agent of Taiwan's Jiaxin Yachting brand Montefino Yachting's full range of products.
The company uses its yachts and other leased yachts on the market to carry out a variety of yacht charter and experience businesses and carry out various yacht water activities in popular waters to provide customers with family play, friend gatherings, birthday parties, marriage proposal parties, and customer appreciation. Meetings, business negotiations, industry salons, corporate team building, and other services, from atmosphere layout to exquisite meals, to effectively meet customer requirements.

The company currently operates "Wenzhou No. 22 Yachting Wharf" in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, with 18 standard berths, land office, and business space. The wharf is located in the core of Wenzhou City. Opposite the wharf is the light show venues listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as "the world's largest mountain light show" and "the world's largest light waterfall".

The wharf is an important carrier and place for the company to carry out yacht business. In addition to providing yacht berth services, it is also the company's extension to customers, display and sales of yachts, and promotion of yacht life.

It can provide yacht butler services, yacht charter, and experience services, yacht, and sailing driving training, etc., organize sailing events, and A variety of marina activities.

By accessing and using the WeChat applet, customers can learn about the yachts, sailing boats, and other water sports in the target area in real-time, and place an order on the mobile phone to order the destination yacht charter, sailboat surfing, yacht sightseeing, water golf, speed test drive, yacht fishing. , driving training and other water tourism, vacation, leisure, entertainment, experience, learning, and other projects. Customers can also share through the platform, carry out membership promotions, and enjoy the promotion sharing income.

  • Consulting Services:

    Provide government, enterprises, and individuals with planning, investment, operation management, and consumption of yacht industry planning, proposal, and consulting services.

  • Yacht Butler Service:

    Provide yacht mooring services, yacht supply services, yacht maintenance services, yacht maintenance services, yacht modification services, yacht transfer services, and registration and listing of yachts.

  • Marine training:

    Domestic and foreign yacht driving license training, sailing training, diving training, and other marine training programs.

  • Holding sailing events:

    Held the "Jiaxin Yachting · Strait Cup" sailing race, held the "Jiaxin Yachting · Oujiang Cup" sailing invitational race, and owned the trademark patent of "Oujiang Cup". Through the holding of events, the atmosphere of marine sports will be established, the development of yacht marinas and marine training programs will be promoted, and good brand promotion benefits will be achieved. The company plans to hold more events.




The whole industry chain of superyachts

More than 40 years of luxury yacht manufacturing experience, the world's top ten, Asia's first design and manufacturing capabilities. It has a complete superyacht industry chain capability, covering the entire ecological chain of yachts such as yacht design, raw materials, final construction, maintenance, refit and renovation, and dock operation.

Development of electric drive system

With the industry-leading electric drive system research and development capabilities, combined with its yacht manufacturing capabilities, it develops future-oriented electric and environmentally friendly yachts to create a "water Tesla".

Industrial energy saving and carbon reduction technology

The industry-leading energy-saving and carbon-reduction technology can be applied to various large-scale oil and gas companies, as well as large ships and yachts.