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Group Business

Sales business of Yacht

Deliver the incredible luxury yacht to customers in four major steps:
Design: Listen carefully and transform needs and ideas of customers into considerate designs; the design should not only express excellent sense of beauty, but also provide customers with more space for thinking and creativity before placing orders to create unlimited possibilities for the creation of incredible yacht.
Manufacturing: Confirm the comprehensive structure and equipment details with customers through accurate 3D simulated diagram. Forge high-quality yachts with exquisite manual craftsmanship, and provide digital graphics data to allow customers to know more about the progress of the project.
Delivery: In the process of delivery, starting from the sea trial, we will ensure the smoothness and accuracy yacht system’s operation.

Development business of marinas

Successful yacht marinas, yacht clubs and the waterfront development projects require careful and meticulous planning by all Parties, complete and scientific arguments, and a design concept which is full of humanization and foresight. For developed projects, we will finally present a perfect marina through feasibility study, planning analysis, concept design, engineering design, and marina engineering.
Feasibility study:
Detailed researches and analysis enable our partners and governments to clarify the overall actual strengths and weaknesses, market efficiency and social benefits of development and construction, which has laid a solid foundation for project development and achieved the maximization of the chances of success.

Business of electric yacht

If the market requires us to design innovative and superior electric yachts, we should not just install electric systems on traditional hulls, but consider the market positioning and design specifications of electric yachts from the initial design. Only in this way can we truly create competitive yachts to meet the demand of market.
Design stages: it mainly relies on CAE technology and experiential data to determine the overall plan, modeling scheme, carry out design calculation, draw design drawing, compose design document and conduct testing and design review.
Detailed design: design the structure of the entire yacht, and determine the whole hull, assembly and parts structure. In this stage, we will also carry out fluid analysis and overall optimization for the new yacht.

Operation business of yachts

The customer successfully purchases the yacht and entrusts the company to operate and manage the yacht or the company manages the self-operated yacht, which constitutes the companys main yacht operation business.
Handling procedures of the license: the handling procedures of all complex license for yachts are officially managed by the company, including but not limited to: application of the shipping name, registration of the shipping ownership, inspection certificate of the shipping, nationality certificate of the shipping, and navigation visa maintenance.
Maintenance: the high price of the yacht determines that the maintenance of it should be conducted by highly trained engineers with rich experience, and the content of maintenance includes not limited to: repair and maintenance of the engine

Energy saving and environmental protection business

The “Red Super Alloy Product” successfully developed by the Group is an important invention for the energy saving of fuel gas and fuel oil equipment. This time, the product has greatly improved the efficiency of fuel gas and fuel oil, and the efficiency of comprehensive energy saving has also been greatly increased.
Products of the company are divided into: clip-on type, straight-through type.
Environmental protection and energy saving device which combines with the above-mentioned red super alloy engine: save fuel oil, improve the mechanical efficiency and reduce emissions of CO, HC and NOX.