Vivic corp. The three companies of the Group has established cooperation with the Golden Gate University and will strive for a glorious future for the Golden Gate by jointly efforts.

On January 23, at the assembly room of the Golden Gate University, Huang Wenqi, the Chairman of VIVIC corp. which is a U.S.-listed company, the General Manager of the Group, Gong Yunguang, and the responsible people of two subsidiary corporations of the “Guangzhou MONTE FINO Yacht Company” and the Golden Gate Qingmiao Scientific and Technological Company, jointly met with the President of the Golden Gate University, Professor Chen Jianmin. The two Parties discussed the future of Golden Gate and signed a cooperation agreement between the VIVIC Group, the MONTE FINO Yacht Company, the Golden Gate Qingmaio Scientific and Technical Corporation and the Golden Gate University, bringing together the strength of both Parties to build a glorious future for the Golden Gate.

Huang Wenqi, the Chairman of the VIVIC said, “For both of us, this is a combination of talents and businesses beyond compare.” The Golden Gate enjoys high-quality tourism resources, beautiful golden beaches and azure blue water, exquisite ancient buildings, all kinds of migratory birds in the four seasons, and unique battlefield history, all of which allow the Golden Gate to integrate a variety of tourism characteristics, including nature, architecture, animals, and humanities which are all worthwhile for visitors to experience in the Golden Gate. At the same time, the Golden Gate owns an exceptional geographical advantage,as it is only 30 minutes away from the Xiamen City in mainland China. The mainland has issued a great number of policies to encourage the development of  tourism, and the market predicts that the number of outbound tourists will reach 150 million in 2020, and the number of visitors to Xiamen in 2018 will be close to 90 million. Facing such a huge market, the Golden Gate urgently needs to create and publicize its unique tourism characteristics so that it can seize this fundamental market opportunity. Tourism is an industry for happiness, which means favorable tourism development can benefit people’s livelihood and improve the overall environment of a region. This is the corporate mission of this cooperation with Golden Gate University as well.

The MONTE FINO Yacht Company is a company of yacht development and manufacturing, and this time, it also brings the market-leading cooperation projects for the company, round-trip tour by Jinxia luxury private yacht and five-star accommodation on water Tesla. When speaking of these two projects, the General Manager of the Group, Gong Yunguang said,” to seize the development opportunities of the Golden Gate Tourism, the Group brings the currently unique project to the Golden Gate, expecting to promote the goal of developing Golden Gate tourism together with Golden Gate University. At present, Golden Gate and Xiamen City are already able to carry out direct yachting on policy, but what is lacking is suitable professional marinas and professional operations for yachts. In addition to that, after the visitors come to the Golden Gate, the plan of exploring the beautiful sea of Golden Gate by yachts is not available, which means the marine resources of Golden Gate are not fully utilized. The MONTE FINO, together with the yacht factory of Jiaxin Yachts which ranks in the top one in Asia, will create a luxurious “Water Tesla” in the Golden Gate, and develop a luxury yacht with new energy power that is environmentally friendly, low-carbon, , and will provide low-carbon and luxurious tour for tourists visiting the Golden Gate and Xiamen City on the occasion. After the visitors come to the Golden Gate, they can choose to reside in the “Water Tesla”, enjoying the five-star water accommodation! The implementation of these projects not only contributes favorable tourism performance to the Group, but also create employment and development opportunities for students in the Golden Gate. In the future, the [Tesla in the field of yacht] forged by the MONTE FINO and the Jiaxin Company will rise sharply in the Golden Gate! Mr. Gong Yunguang is full of confidence and expectation in developing “Water Tesla” business in  the Golden Gate.

In order to enrich low-carbon operational types of tourism with science and technology, the VIVIC company will bring its new energy-saving enterprise, Qingmiao Scientific and Technological Company, to the Golden Gate to develop. When talking about the development of low-carbon economy, the responsible person of Qingmiao Scientific and Technological Company said, “The Qingmiao Scientific and Technological Company possesses industry-leading energy-saving products and has always devoted to developing a low-carbon economy. To construct energy-saving and low-carbon environment is the curren mainstream development trend. What the tourism presents for all people is the beautifully natural and cultural environment in the Golden Gate. Thus, we should not only develop tourism, but also protect the entire environment to achieve sustainable development”. The  responsibility of Qingmiao Scientific and Technological Company in the Golden Gate is to build the Golden Gate into a low-carbon island, and from the start of service for the island's enterprises and projects, the Qingmiao Scientific and Technological Company will take the Golden Gate as a foothold for R&D and business. It will establish an in-depth cooperative relationship with the Golden Gate University, complement each other's strengths in talent introduction and development of new energy technology and strive for rapid development.

The VIVIC CORP. is fully confident in the cooperation with the Golden Gate University and full of expectation for the development in the Golden Gate. When the accumulated soil and stone form a mountain, the wind and rain rose from here soon afterwards; when the confluence of water constitutes a deep sea, where after the dragon came out from here”. Together with the Golden Gate University, the VIVIC will establish a beautiful, low-carbon, and fertile Golden Gate.