Boldly drive on the mainland and meet the unique MONTE FINO yacht!

Founded in 1980, the MONTE FINO is a private brand of the company and their products are sold to European and American markets. At the end of 2016, a 45-foot luxury catamaran yacht which won the 2016 award for China's most competitive ships and boats, the Golden Sail Award, entered and was stationed in the Guangzhou Nansha Marina, which marked that the Yachtsman of Taiwanese yacht kingdom had officially entered the Chinese mainland market.

The water testing of the MONTE FINO yacht on the mainland started up a new chapter in the development of the company. As a flagship brand, the MONTE FINO yacht contains multiple characteristics: the handmade luxury yacht, manufactured with exquisite technology, uses luxurious materials and advanced technologies, creates endless possibilities for different customer needs, and thus shaping a kind of brand uniqueness which is trustworthy and extraordinarily valuable.