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The company sponsored the 7th-Vivic

The company sponsored the 7th

On June 18th, the 7th "Strait Cup" sailing regatta sailed from Wuyuanwan sailing yacht harbor in Xiamen. The competition was sponsored by VIVIC and Jiaxin Yacht Company. This is the first time that the Straits Cup has been named by well-known companies in Taiwan since its seventh session. The company has a history of nearly 40 years on yacht production. This participation shows that the mainland and Taiwan not only have cooperation in maritime culture, but also cooperate in marine economic projects, and the two companies have great development prospects in the future.

The Straits Cup Sailing Regatta was founded in 2009. This year This year is the 10th anniversary of its establishment. It was approved by the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council and the State Sports General Administration. It was listed as the annual key exchange program for Taiwan. It brought together many well-known sailing teams and players for the mainland and Taiwan.

Sailing is a water sports program that combines sports, entertainment, viewing and adventure. It is often engaged in sailing, which can enhance physical fitness and exercise will, especially in the ever-changing environment such as waves, meteorology and hydrological conditions. Windward waves can cultivate athletes' emotions for loving the ocean, overcome nature and challenge themselves. It has become one of the most popular sports activities in the world.

This competition has expanded the company's influence in the mainland. The competition will be reported by many mainstream media, central and provincial media, and many online media . The 10th anniversary of the Straits Cup will be held at the Xiamen Olympic Museum lasting for 30 days. The supporting activities like the photo exhibition provided a large number of display platforms for the image and business segment of the company. The “Enjoy surfing” yacht platform and yacht sales were all displayed in prominent positions, which enhanced brand awareness and market awareness.

The company attaches great importance to the development and operation in mainland. In the future, it will continue to participate in various water sports events or organize various water sports events to promote the water sports popularized, the company will combine water sports with the industry, and promote the prosperous  development of the market.

The CEO of the company----he attends the competition and the sailing ceremony, and discusses the future development with friends from all walks of fields.

CEO accepts the title sponsorship commemorative card issued

CEO (the first one from left) attended the sailing ceremony

Players prepare for the race

Competition begins

The Regatta was intense